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When Jeremy's first introduced in book 1 or 2 (i can't remember) they said that he had black hair and green eyes. In all the other books his hair is brown and his eyes are also brown. Jessica

In Book #1 Mrs. Halsey is the Oracle's supervisor. But in #2 on, Mr. Collins is the Oracle's supervisor. What's up with that? Valerie

In book 6 Conner's mother is skinny when she goes up the stairs, but in book 16, she's plump.
Also Ken in book 8 is in Mrs O'Reilly's English class, but in book 15 he's in Mr Collins with Cherie Reese. Cheryl

In SVHSY #12 or #13, They spell Steven "stephen" instead of the normal way, Steven. -Crystal

ok why is it that Todd all of the sudden is a star football player instead of Basketball player? How'd he get a college scholarship for basketball if he played football in highschool? He might play both but basketball isnt even mentioned and i just found it weird. -Julie

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