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What If . . .Elizabeth gets an attitude, and deal with Sam and Jessica instead of running away from SV? She hasn't changed (so many peeps say she's become cool)...ha, she's sooooo fit to be a maid, and ELIZABETh series suck! Who would like to rad about self-centered DIZZIE LIZZIE? -Rabiya

What If . . .Liz actually stayed in sweet valley? -Anna

What If . . .Elizabeth actually STAYED AWAY FROM SVU??? -Rachel

What If . . .What is Nick came back and he and Jessica got married and had identical twin girls and their names were Sara and Kaylee? -Nitya

What If . . .margot had managed to kill the twins in svh... then we wouldnt have to read the books anymore! {note: I think she means Margo}-Julie

What if . . . Elizabeth would stop running away from her problems and just deal with it instead? -Nitya

What If . . . Chloe, Sam, and Neil disappear from Sweet Valley and never comes back?-Nina

What If . . . Liz and jess weren't twins but triplets and the third one came back as some crazed psycho killer and wanted to kill them for stealing her life. and what if liz actually lost her virginity [shock horror!] -Kathryn

What If . . . what if tom and liz got back together and jess started looking for nick and found him then made him promise never to leave her again (oh yeah and all of svu would be like it was before) -Malikah

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What if... what?