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In book 8 of SVU there's a high school reunion and not only is it only the people from their junior year (no will, melissa, etc.) but liz starts talking to olivia davidson. also in svu, they talk about how liz and todd were together "forever" but in senior year todd's never even mentioned. -Allyssa

When Elizabeth asks Todd how his relationship was with with Gin-Yung, there was a sentence after that spelled Gin-Yung's last name wrong. They spelled it "Young" instead of just "Yung." -Nitya

Jessica and James are on the cover of the book, and James's jersey # is 23, but on page 45 Elizabeth says he's # 52. -Maureen

[SS Heartbreak, pg. 141]    Bryan is spelled with an i instead of a y (Brian) -Maureen

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