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Go SVH! -|]*[|- Go SVSY!


I think that SVH is better then SVHSY because now, in Sr. Year, everyone has problems, or what are we going to do, my life is a soap opera, my boyfriend has cheated on my for millionth time but I still love him, blah blah blah! I mean, sure, SVH is A LOT unrealistic, but it was supposed to be a soap opera! Yes, that's right, Francine Pascal was all set out to make a SOAP OPERA, but then someone told her that she should make a book series instead, so, that's why it's so unrealistic. And yeah, there's more drama in the Sr. Year series, but I DON'T think that so much turmoil could happen all at once!!!- -Rachel

I don't know, I mean, SY is ok, but as a complete SVU fan, I don't read SY, and before I started on SVU I loved SVH. I don't really like how all the main characters disappeared (Winston, Enid, Todd, everyone...), SVU is the best SV series, no competition!-Allysa

I like SVH better because they didn't have that much detail and deafness. Plus, Elizabeth and Todd made a greta couple. Conner, on the other hand is a sleaze and I absolutely HATE Elizabeth's new image. Besides, she's too clingy and Conner is not a good match for her. She deserves better. , SVHSY SUCKS!!!!!!! :( -Nitya

I never read SVH:SY before and I totally obsessed w/SVH, I love it! -Joan

svh is way more interesting but svhsy has none all its about is breaking up with your boyfriend gettinng back together and stuff like that. Dont get me wrong i love the romance part of sweet valley but svhsy needs action! -Maliakah

It's so much more realistic. Todd and Liz got boring after he moved back from Vermont. Sure, I miss Winston and Enid, but I don't miss Todd (Toad) one little smidgen. Nobody would ever be as perfect as Liz was, and she's not fake in SY. She's grown, matured, and isn't little miss goody two shoes. And I was getting tired of Jess and guy-of-the week, now ahe's got one guy and he's the sweetest guy ever! -Nicole