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     Elizabeth is ,like, irritating in almost all the series ('cept SVH, SVT)...she can't be a rebel!!! and about ditching...what happened to Enid and Todd? by-bye-bye? -Rabiya

Liz [SVU]
     Why has Elizabeth totally changed? I sooo agree with Nitya she should go back to normal...she just doesn't fit the "Jessica" character! and she sould just get back with Tom already!! -Malikah

Todd [SVH]
     Todd is boring and he got too jealous when Liz did other things. End of Story. -Nicole

     I find that the books are going way too slow, I mean that they could get to the plot sooner. They just sort of drag on, and then leave you hanging, and then you get the next book, and it still doesn't end. -Cheryl

     Argh, he is such a jerk! When his family members are trying to help him, he just brushed them off. I guess it goes with the saying 'like father like son' -Julie

     I agree with Cheryl it is too slow. The changes the series underwent is not for the better. IT's become dull. I hope they read this and do something (wistful thinking) -Lindsey

     I hate how when you sign up for a clique, and you get rejected, the webmaster doesn't e-mail you a rejection letter! I mean, I know it would take more time, but I swear, sometimes I just sit around thinking to myself "Gosh, I wonder if my acceptance thing got lost in the "mail". Oh well, tomorrow I'll try again!" And I just keep on trying and trying and keep on getting rejected again and again. So, Clique-masters: SEND OUT REJECTION LETTERS!!! -Rachel

Todd and SVHSY in general
     Ok, since when does Todd play football? He was the star basketball player! I hat how the senior year authors are mixing up everything... and the fact that there have been like 3 books about conner being an alcholic and the stupid jess and jade thing. Isnt it annoying? -Julia

     Where'd LiLa go? And since when would she ditch her best friend? -Julia

     I'M LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Susie Jo

SVU [tom]

     I hate how they completely changed his personality sophmore year and made him go back to playing football and be Mr. Superjock... it doesn't make sense at all! -Allyssa

Liz's attitude

     Why is Elizabeth so clingy and absolutely annoying with her "rebel" attitude. I swear, sometimes I wish I could slap her in the face and she'd ditch Conner, get back to being Little Miss Perfect, and get back together with Todd. :)-Nitya

Liz @ SVU

     OH MY GOD (this is a rant, can't you tell) When will Liz get over the fact that she is a virgin, like every 2 seconds she is all like, i don't know if i want to, is he pushing me, am i pushing him???? AGGHHH, get over it, just let it flow, stop being such a paranoid geek and live your life-Kathryn


     I hate when clique owners reject people who don't own sites. I mean come on we the surfers are the reason they are so popular! So why do they disclude us? I think that a clique should allow any fans! -Tiffi


     I understand that they need to change some things to make the series interesting but it does not have to be so drastic, they changed it so much that none of the series match up anymore -Jelly

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